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Mike and I would like to express our gratitude for your gentle and knowing approach in your sharing of meditation and yoga with us over the past six weeks. Thank you for coming into our home and leading us to opening our hearts and minds through mediation, mindfulness and breathing. I particularly appreciated how you incorporated meditation with specific intentions, beginning with patience, as a suggestion, and then encouraging us to offer our own intentions as we entered our meditation session.

The combination of yoga and meditation provided an hour of mind and body awareness and relaxation. With each session you offered a greater depth of experience with the practice, which we continue to strive for on our own.


We will gladly recommend you to anyone interested in learning yoga and meditation. Your beautiful calming voice, knowledge of yoga and meditation, along with your insightful approach are just the right combination for an excellent teacher. We feel so fortunate to have had home sessions with you and would happily follow you wherever you wind up teaching!

Mike & Monika A., Manhattan Beach, CA

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Ashley gave us the most healing reiki session with our kitty Simon. The feedback she gave was so moving and it really helped us know how to support him as he battled lymphoma. We lost Simon to this terrible cancer last week but Ashley’s vision of him amongst the trees is something we hold very dear to our hearts. Ashley is pure love and light; her gifts are beyond any form of medical medicine. We are forever grateful for her work with us.

Kelly M., Orange County, CA

Thanks so much for the reiki session with my cat, Aztec! You were spot on with your assessment. I know that you really were in communication with him. Thanks for offering a variety of practical solutions for how to help him overcome his personal struggles! He loved the session, and I would recommend you to meditate friends. 

Susan M.

Ashley is so amazing. She sent distant reiki to my Princess and really helped her and gave me some clarity. I was super impressed how in tuned she was to what had been going on with my doggy. Literally brought me to tears. I am so grateful to Miss Ashley! I highly recommend her services.

Missy A., Los Angeles, CA

Ashley recently did a beautiful session for our beloved senior dog. She was able to point out areas that may be causing him stress and how to help ease his pain as he gets older. She also gave wonderful tips on how to continue providing him with the nutrients and love needed to feel well and happy. She has such a kind spirit and was a true pleasure to work with! Thank you for taking the time to send our pup healing vibes! Anyone who has a chance to work with Ashley is extremely blessed. 

Emily M.

I had the most incredible healing reiki session for my Cat with Ashley! She knew things about my cat that only I know. I would highly recommend her reiki sessions for your animals. Ashely truly has a gift on this path of healing animals and their past lives. Thank you Ashely for your healing and wisdom myself and my Cat greatly appreciate it.

Christina A., Manhattan Beach, CA

Ashley just did a reiki session on my four-legged Shih-Tzu princess, Holly. Ashley was really able to tune into Holly and her specific needs and was able to give really great advice on natural health supplements and foods I could use to support Holly's healing! Ashley is such a beautiful and kind soul who is so connected with the animal realm and just how important our precious pets are to us. I will DEFINITELY be using Ashley for more reiki sessions for Holly in the future! Thank you Ashley!!! 

Ashley W., Fairfield, CT

Ashley recently did a reiki session on my high strung, beloved cat, Ziggy. It was so fascinating to hear what she picked up on in regards to his feelings and personality. She was spot on and confirmed my suspicions on what was stressing him out. She gave solid advice on how to ease his nerves and combat his health issues naturally. He has since been very content and extra cuddly. It was such a pleasure to have her work on him. Ashley has a very down to earth, kindhearted and lovable spirit. And she has some pretty amazing recipes to boot!

Andi B., Portland, OR

Ashley did a reiki session for my dog Wolf and it was incredible what she picked up on! Not to mention, the entire time she was doing it, he was totally relaxed and sleeping, like he was taking it all in. Almost simultaneously when Ashley messaged me that she was done, Wolf bounced up. It was crazy!


She was so tuned in and really helped me understand his anxiety and how I can work with him to help him feel more comfortable when I leave home. He has also been much more relaxed in general since his session. She was so spot on and I am so grateful for her amazing work! Ashley is AMAZING and is so so connected to animals. I will definitely use Ashley's services again, thank you so much!

Lauren T., Cleveland, OH

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"Ashley is a game changer with a heart of gold! Her soulful expression comes out in her cooking, which is not only colorful and uniquely creative, but absolutely delicious and oh so good for you! She is the kind of person who has major experience with her own health and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and compassion with others. Her approach is holistic and well-rounded, caring for every dimension of the human being including movement/exercises, food/nutrition, and matters of the heart. Anyone would be so lucky to work with her :)"


Amy Rogg, Palo Alto CA

"When I was struggling with work/life balance, and some deep grief, I began working with Ashley.  I was searching for a way to get back into balance, and a way to reconnect with the part of myself that knew how to provide me with self-care and nurturing.  Ashley helped me identify where parts of my life were careening out of balance, while coaching me and helping to drive accountability until I was able to hold myself accountable.  She was supportive and available at just the right time.  I have also been inspired by Ashley's own journey of self-discovery and self-care - inspired by her desire to be present, eat well and healthily, and incorporate daily movement as a way to regain balance and be happy in life."

Stephanie L., San Jose CA

"Back in October 2014, I wasn’t feeling healthy; I was 30 pounds overweight and was not exercising. Other than that, I was sort of content with my life, but not truly happy and not truly healthy. I wanted to do something, but did not have enough motivation or willpower to do it by myself.


I wanted to get back to a healthier and happier me. I knew that I couldn’t do it just by myself, so I called Ashley. This was probably one of the smartest things that I’ve ever done.


Ashley was great. The first thing we talked about was food. As part of the program, we met at Sprouts and she taught me how to read the ingredients and how to start incorporating some organic foods into my life. I started eating more fruits and vegetables.

I had purchased a NutriBullet, but hadn’t used it in years.  We came up with something called "Smoothie Sundays". Slowly but surely the new healthier me was coming back.I took the program seriously, but it felt easy. It felt natural. It could be that Ashley was easy to work with, or that I was determined to succeed, but it was actually fun.  


Next we incorporated some exercise into my life. I was pretty active in my 20's and 30's, but I stopped exercising in my 40's. At this time in the program, it was November 2014 and Black Friday was coming. I started feeling a bit motivated and got a good deal on a FitBit. First, I was walking 2,000 steps per day, then 3,000 then 4,000 steps per day. I even go for long walks/hikes on the weekend and walk over 10,000 steps (that’s 5 miles!)


Ashley is a great resource too. Throughout the program, she provides web links and other resources on recipes, health, meditation, etc. 
Whatever my question or interest, Ashley knew how to help me with it.


I was able to get through the holidays with Ashley’s help. She taught me how to eat healthier and how to keep thinking about my goals and how I wanted look and feel. For me, I wanted to lose weight, look better and feel better. Your goals may be different and Ashley can help you with those.


Ashley taught me some great breathing and meditation techniques to reduce stress that I still use today, especially at work .


It has been 6 months and I lost 25 pounds. I'm eating a lot better and exercising a lot more. This was a great program and I highly recommend working with Ashley. She will help you, but you also have to help yourself, at least a little at first.


I know that there are hundreds of different diets out there, but this is not a diet. It’s a fairly easy lifestyle change (for the better). It’s integrated, so Ashley will help you figure out ways to improve other areas of your life, for example with family, friends, work, etc. She truly had some great recommendations.   


At the beginning of the program, you will take a fun exercise called, the circle of life. You rate how you feel in different parts of your life.   When I first took this, my levels were pretty low; especially in the health and happiness area. I took it again 3 months in, and it improved, and again at the end of the 6 months, and I was happy to see my circle of life grow and I am happier. There are still areas that I will continue to improve on, but now I’m on the right track and motivated. She taught me that health and happiness is a lifelong journey…


If you have the slightest desire to get back in shape, eat better or become happier, you need to call Ashley. Ashley will use that tiny little desire you may still have inside you somewhere and she will help you grow it, until you start to see the healthier and happier you.


I'm excited and want to see Ashley help others, but you have to be willing to help yourself too.


You CAN do this.  Give Ashley a chance to help you, you won't regret it. She’s the best."


John M., Torrance CA

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