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Time to become a WASTE FREE WARRIOR!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook & Instagram, you may have seen this photo that I posted a bit ago about becoming waste free.

I believe in my heart that I must become as waste free as I can, to benefit not only my health & sanity, but also to show Mother Earth some love. I can no longer live in a way that is trashing our one & only home, our earth. I have done a lot to reduce my waste, but after diving into this book in the past week, I've realized it's not as much as I could be doing.

If you're interested in following my journey towards becoming a Waste Free Warrior please stay tuned! I will be posting here weekly very soon!

My end goal is to be as open-minded as possible along this journey so that I can provide a Waste Free Warrior program to my community: to help others learn how to eliminate wasteful tendencies in their everyday lives & even become waste free if their heart so desires. Do you want to become a Waste Free Warrior?!

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