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Operation Closet Cleanse

As I was reading the first few chapters in Zero Waste Home, I got this sudden urge to go full force & clean out my bathroom, bedroom, the pantry, the kitchen, the garage in one swoop....but I'm not Dash from The Incredibles that can move at lightning speed, so I had to settle on one area to focus on first.

I decided on my closet. I've always thought I was pretty good about going through my closet & donating items every few years, but as I slid open my closet doors, I realized just how much I had acquired over the years. Aside from the tops, tanks, tees, jeans, pants & shorts I continually went through, there were sweatshirts, handbags, luggage bags, book bags, shoes, winter clothing (I mean how much does a Southern California gal need??), even socks & leggings! SO. MUCH. STUFF. It had to go.

I wasn't even entirely finished with the bedroom section of the book before I jumped up and began piling articles of clothing & other closet goodies onto the floor. 20 pairs of socks? 10 pairs of leggings? 6 book bags? Two puffy jackets AND a puffy vest? Jeans that no longer fit? All in the pile. Partway into my closet cleansing fury, my mom walked into my doorway & I could feel her eyes get big without even looking up at her. I explained before she had a chance to comment, that while I was reading the book, I realized how much stuff I wasn't using anymore or hadn't used in years that could potentially save someone else's life on the streets or in a shelter. How could anyone argue with that?! But it's so true! Who am I to have a superfluous amount of clothing sitting in my closet, collecting dust, when it could be worn and well-loved by someone who really needs it?

I invite you to open your closet door, your wardrobe, your chest of drawers and really take a look at what is taking up space there. When was the last time you wore all of the items you have? Do you use these items consistently? What I discovered for myself was that I wear and use the same clothes & accessories (if any at all) over & over. So for me, it was easy to see what I could throw in the giveaway pile & what was important to keep. You may have a similar situation or you may not, so give away what you feel comfortable with & give yourself time to decide whether those jeans that don't fit quite right or that scarf that doesn't go with anything else you own is worth keeping or not. This is all a process! And let me remind you, this journey is both a mental AND physical'll have some tough moments to work through, hence the warrior title! So again, do what you can & just keep going! Consistency is key.

I am well aware that I will probably be making many more trips to local shelters & donation centers like Goodwill as I continue along this zero waste journey, but this is a start! Here are a list of places in Los Angeles that I bring my clothing donations to:

Buffalo Exchange (they will pay you for some items but are very specific in what they are looking for, otherwise, they accept in-kind donations)

**I haven't taken my haul to the shelters yet, so when I do, I'll post some photos of this first haul!

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