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Healing the throat chakra

Two days before the throat chakra healing began, I woke up with a sore throat. I know I wasn't getting sick, because my energy & body felt fine, but I had this pit in my throat right at the throat chakra center.

This journey so far has completely blown my mind in terms of divine timing. Last week, on the eve of finishing up my heart chakra week, I had a very heart opening experience where I felt my heart expand (which I know isn't physically possible, but I felt it on an emotional & spiritual level). And then right before I began my throat chakra week, I wake up with a sore throat?! I marvel at the synchronization of my body & this chakra work.

When I awoke with a sore throat, I of course jumped onto my computer to research more on the throat chakra. The pit that I felt in my throat along with the soreness were more on the right side than on the left. According to Laura Koniver, who has been the inspiration for this entire journey, the right side of the body represents energy being released, the left side for energy coming in. After hearing this, I reflected on what this meant–I believe the sensations in my throat were side effects of releasing old energy. There was so much of it that needed to be expressed & moved through the throat chakra that it created an imbalance that manifested as soreness & sensitivity.

The fifth chakra is known to be the gateway between the lower earhly chakras & the upper, more spiritual chakras. By expressing our feelings, emotions, opinions & thoughts through our voice, we make an imprint on the world through this chakra. Headaches, neck tension, sinus issues, dental issues, ear infections, shyness, fear of public speaking, gossiping, and guilt are all signs that this chakra is imbalanced.

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Week 5: The Throat Chakra

Sanskrit name, Visshudha

Color: blue

Affirmation: I express myself freely & with confidence. It is safe for me to express myself. Everything I do or say is an expression of love

Foods: blueberries, citrus, apples, pears, nectarines, peaches; any juicy fruits & fruits in general! Clear liquids such as tea, water with lemon, and broths are very healing as are juices & smoothies

Activity: Get outside under the blue sky! Lions breath is a great exercise to do; writing, singing, humming, deep breathing are all great to balance the throat chakra. I also experimented at the beginning of the week by sticking to smoothies with lots of fruit for my meals. This really helped with the bout of indigestion I had & soothed my sore throat. Speaking up for yourself & expressing your true feelings in situations you wouldn't do so normally is also VERY beneficial in healing the throat chakra

Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing:

Check out my Instagram @happilyhealthyashley for examples of what I ate this week!

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