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Healing the third eye chakra

Each one of us is born with this strong innate knowing about our true selves & our place in this world. Part of this intuition is knowing that we are ALL connected, every being on this planet. Every person, every animal, every tree, we are all vibrations, we are all energy. The illusion of separation is what causes so much suffering in this world. As Thich Nhat Han said, "We are here to awaken from the illusion of separateness."

When our third eye chakra is blocked, we fail to see the connection between each & every being. We fail to treat others as an extension of our own hearts. We fail to live from our true selves which is made of pure, unconditional love. In my personal opinion, I think every one of us needs to heal our third eye chakra to reconnect with the knowledge that we are all one & the same.

If you tend to suffer from migraines, headaches, memory loss, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, dizziness, nausea, sinus problems; if you feel overwhelmed in social situations, are sensitive to smells, tastes, textures (annoyingly itchy clothes tags anyone??) and if you need time alone to recharge...the third eye chakra needs some healing.

Some other clues that reveal the third eye chakra is imbalanced is if you are extremely judgmental of yourself and/or others and if your mind tends to run a million times a minute: "I need to do this, this & this today...what if I don't have time to finish everything? What did that response mean? Why did he/she talk like that?" Over-thinking & over-analyzing situations doesn't give our intuition time to shine & work its magic, which is what the third eye is all about: our intuition.

Week 6: The Third Eye Chakra

Sanskrit name, Ajna

Location: in between the eyebrows, above the bridge of the nose

Color: indigo

Affirmation: I am the creator of my reality & my dreams are coming true. I see solutions to situations in my life & make positive changes now. I know & trust my intuitive understanding.

Foods: sources of healthy fats & antioxidants (coconut, nuts, berries, dark chocolate) to boost brain health

Activity: any non-competitive sport such as yoga, tai chi, walking meditation, qi gong. Competitive energy is very draining & if you are working hard to close yourself off to strong competitive vibes, you are also closed off to your intuition. Also, do whatever you need to do to release your overly analytical mind. Close your eyes & deep breathe for a few moments, take a bath, go for a walk or run & feel how good it feels to move your body & be outside. Feeling sunlight hit your brow is extremely healing for the third eye if you are short on time.

I continued eating lots of blueberries during this week & ate a lot of purple grapes & figs!! I'm so grateful it's summer & blueberries are in season & that I live in California because I can get grapes year-round :) the last day of my third eye chakra week, I walked to the beach & back for some much needed solo time to see the sunset! My soul was craving it...

If you are interested in learning more about the chakras & how healing them can help you, please feel free to contact me! I am here to help unveil the healing power within each & every one of you <3

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