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Healing the crown chakra

I spent a good chunk of today catching up with a few good friends & what came up in our conversation coincided with the focus of this week. As we walked along the beach, the topics of purpose, job fulfillment & job happiness came up. We talked about our current situations, reflected on the past & discussed our plans for the future.

Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Feeling lost. Lack of excitement. Unsure of the future.

These are all emotions that stem from the crown chakra being blocked.

The crown chakra is all about our connection to the Divine. It is when we are connected to divine energy that we become enlightened & discover our life's purpose.

To clarify, the third eye chakra energy only begins to tap into the knowledge that we are all connected because we strengthen our intuition (which knows that separation doesn't exist in reality). The crown chakra energy is the deep knowing, feeling so strongly that we don't have to be reminded or told, that no one is separate. It's a bit confusing I know. Just know that the third eye connects us to our intuition & the crown chakra connects us to a higher power.

Any time we go through a transitional time in our lives, the future is unknown & we freak out a little. And that's ok! It's part of the human experience. We feel sad or mad or annoyed, extremely lost at times & somewhat paralyzed, sometimes we feel all of this at once! During these times of extreme emotional overwhelm & change, we tend to do everything BUT what we truly need to do in order to grow, expand & move through the experience. And what do you need exactly? That's part of tuning into your crown chakra energy! Look inside & you shall find...

Week 7: Crown Chakra

Sanskrit name, Sahasrara

Location: top of the head

Color: violet

Affirmation: I connect with the divine in all things. I trust my inner knowing to guide me through life. All people in my life are here to teach me something so I can grow.

Foods: any & all whole, pure foods grown in the sun! You can also do a gentle detox to heal this chakra by drinking warm lemon water when first waking up. Avoid junk foods & processed foods. "If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don't." -Michael Pollan

Activity: Journaling is a great way to connect to the Divine & is also a great way to let go of anything that no longer serves us. Spiritual practice is very important for healing & balancing this chakra, so whatever that means for you, do that! Some examples are being in nature, exercise, journaling, meditation, prayer. A gratitude journal is also a great exercise for the crown chakra as is SLEEP. I started a gratitude journal a few months back, that I wrote in for 6 weeks & I would do so before bed. It really made such a positive impact on my life, especially when I was going through a very negative experience. What we focus on, expands, so focus on the good & the universe will provide us with positive experiences.

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