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"There is stability in momentum"

This is my new mantra for December! I attended an Astrology 101 workshop this morning and when it came time to go through each zodiac sign, this is what Danielle Mercurio (the astrologer and also a friend of mine!) shared for Aquarius...

"There is stability in momentum."

It's as if she was speaking ONLY to me! Lately, I've been feeling very go-go-go all the time. It has been really exhausting and very scary for me on all levels–emotionally, physically and mentally. I get very in the zone and overwhelmed when I have a ton of stuff to do and people relying on me, so when I'm in that energy, I forget things, like drinking water, eating know, normal life things. And if the crazy schedule wasn't hard enough on my body, not drinking water and forgetting to eat because I don't realize what time it is and that I'm even hungry–that's all very stressful for the body on a purely physical level.

A little background on me: I've struggled with several chronic illnesses for over 4 years now (although the early stages started when I was quite young) and if you know someone who has any chronic illness or you yourself have ever suffered from one, you know how the illnesses begin to rule your life. Your social life, your work life, your family life, everything revolves around your illness. I've lost friendships because I was too sick to go places and stay out late. I've had to leave jobs because I was too sick to work. I've had to skip family gatherings because I could hardly get myself out of bed. I've missed a lot because I was either too wiped out or felt like I ran into a brick wall and every ounce of my body hurt.

So it's been scary having so much to do lately, because I'm worried I'll go back into that dark place, where my illness ruled my life and called all the shots. As soon as I start to feel slightly tired or slightly in pain, I immediately go back to those times that were so hard and so heart-breaking. But I have to remind myself that I'm not the same person I was 4 years ago–I have healed most of my past illnesses and continue to heal each and every day. I now have so many tools in my back pocket that I didn't have before: yoga, meditation, knowledge about foods and herbs that heal, breathing techniques and mantras that I can use to help me feel balanced again.

I have to remind myself that all of these events and experiences are happening FOR me. If I wasn't ready and able to handle all of what is coming my way, they wouldn't be here!

There is stability in momentum.

Movement is natural. In nature, everything is always moving–a river rolling across the rocks, trees and flowers growing each and every day, the ocean waves crashing on the shore–there is a beautiful sense of grounding but at the same time, flow. It's a balance!

So why can't I, why can't all of us, be more like the natural ebbs and flows of the earth? Instead of being afraid of constant movement, can I embrace it? Can you embrace it?

Why does momentum have to be a bad thing? Momentum can catapult us into our dreams! Momentum can carry us towards what we really want for ourselves and teach us what we need to work on and let go of. And honestly, if we aren't moving forward, how will we get to where we want to be? If we aren't taking risks, how will we learn what we need to learn? How will we realize how amazing we truly are and how bright we can shine if we continue playing small and stalling the momentum? We won't.

(I need to hear these words as much as I need to share them...)

Take that step, big or small, one after the other.

Don't give up. You are amazing.

You can do anything you set your mind and heart to.

You are supported. You got this.

You'll find stability.

Just keep going.

Leave your mark on the world.

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