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Maui, here I come!!

To be sitting here writing this, the night before I leave for Maui, gives me chills! And flashbacks to seven years ago, sitting at my old laptop writing a pre-travel post before leaving for Milan. I had absolutely no idea how much I would learn about myself and grow in a span of only 4 months and here I am again, about to embark on another solo trip and I feel the powerful energy all around me. I so strongly feel that this journey is going to be completely transformative and I'm ready.


Excitement. Anxiety. Joy. Worry.

I find myself getting wrapped up in emotions, good then bad, good then bad. I remind myself that I am meant to be going to this farm, at this exact time in my life, it's all happening for me and I feel so much more calm.

I have my bags packed (except for a few last minute things I need before bed), my boarding pass printed, alarm set (5AM wake-up!)...I really hope I'm not forgetting anything!

I'm going to be LIVING IN MAUI!! WOW!

It's happening. It's actually happening. And you bet I'm taking my camera because I have to at least try to capture the beauty while I'm there. Of course I'll appreciate it in person, I'll LOVE it in person, but I want to be able to share the beauty :)

For those of you who don't know what the heck I'm talking about...I'm going to Maui for 2.5 months to work on an organic farm. So yes, I'll be working, but we have the weekends off. I see a lot of hiking, camping, surfing, snorkeling and just general exploring sprinkled into my near future!

I just wrote my newsletter that's getting sent out to all of you subscribers tomorrow while I'm on the plane, so I'm a little writing-ed I'm going to wrap this up!

It's going to be so magical and I'm beyond happy/excited/joyful/ecstatic !!! I hope you'll join me as I write about my adventures. Aloha!

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