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The first beach day after leaving the farm

I wasn't going to post about this, but I loved how I felt and the photos are just here I go! I swear I'll start posting about my experiences on Maui in order after this one ;)

After I was picked up at the farm by Summer, Jeremy and their son, I spent a few days grounding myself, sleeping in, eating three meals a day again (I wasn't eating much because I was so freaked out to use anything in the kitchen at the farm), starting my morning ritual of meditating and practicing yoga. I started to feel more and more like myself again.

The day after Iao Valley, the four of us woke up early and headed to the beach! It was such a great spot! The wind started to really pick up, but it actually felt really nice because of the humidity. I swam in the beautiful, clear blue water, walked a while along the sand taking it all in–the fact that I felt so supported by so many people in LA, by Summer and her family in Maui and reflecting on how magical the universe really is when we step back and allow life to unfold the way it's supposed to, with our highest good in mind.

We had our own private shaded spot ;)

I just love this!! <3 A little reminder to spread love...

I spy with my little eye...a teensy crab! Can you spot him?

It felt SO wonderful to sit on the sand, watching the waves crash on the shore, listening to the wind blow through the trees above me. I was so present and so thankful. Actually, to the point where I completely forgot to reapply my sunscreen (which is homemade, completely natural, chemical-free and smells amazing because of the essential oils!!) so I got a teensy bit burned :/ but nothing a slather of coconut oil won't fix!

I met some of Summer and Jeremy's friends who were very nice, but I mostly kept to myself. I needed some time alone to recharge and a beach day was exactly what my body and soul needed. There's something magical about the ocean that ALWAYS brings me inner peace–the sound of the waves, walking barefoot on the sand–I enter into this meditative state that brings me so much stillness and grounding. Oh...and no mosquitoes ;) I'm definitely a beach girl that's for sure.

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